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With 2 days to find a Dj for my Family Reunion event I googled and DJ Zone was the first to respond. I was worried about hiring a DJ without any background knowledge or referral off line, but I was in a bind; thanks to another DJ that came with a referral...Go Figure. DJ Zone made us comfortable with his flexibility and professionalism. He was on time for the event with all the requested music cued and ready to go. He interacted with my family in an energetic way and quickly became a hit with the children (with sample CD's - they are still talking about this :-) DJ Zone is a quality DJ and a consummate professional. I am a stickler for quality customer service and I would recommend DJ Zone, without question, to any seeking quality DJ /Music services. His rates were also very affordable. So, if you are looking to have a worry free music experience ---DJ Zone is your man."

Marvin B. 

"WE HAD A BALL AND WE OWE IT TO YOU TOO!!! Thank you so much for making our wedding day a day to remember! We enjoyed your style and appreciate your time. Thanks for the personalized CD too. We have been playing it over and over. Again Great Job and I will refer you to my friends and family as well as book you at the next gig...AWESOME JOB :-)"

Dawn & Reuben Gibson

"DJ Zone was wonderful as always! This was our second time using him for a family event and he was just awesome! He played songs that kept folks on the dance floor!!!"

Tawana McKay

"DJ Zone, A sincere thank you. He keeps the crowd on the floor and accommodate request as they were made. He had an aim to please attitude.
His promptness and professionalism was top nosh.
Thank you for helping the Retirement Celebration a true celebration.!"

Rita King, F.O.P.

"Hey Vince, KUDOS to you!!!. I want to thank you again for a good job you did as DJ. Folks called me and wanted to know when is the next party.Folks also like naming the artist to get a free CD...... I plan to have a b-day party for my wife in June, 16th. or 23rd, 2012.So please keep those dates open for me... I plan to rent a hall for her party. Thanks again man for a job well done.. I \"really\" was very impressed...I would highly recommend DJ Zone (Vince)to anyone.I had other DJ's play music @ previous parties I had, and I heard different DJ's @ other function I attended; But none compare to Vince. He had music that I have forgotten about. His music brought back lots of memories for me.I really like how he mingled with the crowd.Folks ask how I hear about DJ-Zone. I told everyone that Vince was a friend & I use to work with him. I also told them how skeptical I was about hiring Vince to play music for my party since I never heard him DJ, although Vince invited me several times to come to functions to hear him DJ and I did not take him up on it. Vince would tell me he would not let me down. One thing I can truly say, his word is his bond.He did not let me down.I heard DJ's that's been in the business for decades and they don't stack up to Vince......Kudos go out to you again Vincent...   

Thanks Ernest  Burch

"My husband and I renewed our wedding vows of seventeen years on May 21, 2011. On that Friday night, May 20th, Vincent volunteered to come to the hotel during rehearsal to become familiar with the site where he should set his equipment up, as well meet all of the key players and visited with our out town guest. Please be mindful that this was not part of his contract, but he felt the need to be there to get a general feel of our guest and the entire atmosphere of our ceremony. Vincent not only providing OUTSTANDING DJ services, he added his special touch by providing musical assistance to our praise dancer as well played music during our cocktail party before our formal reception.

Vincent is such a gracious, and a humble professional, we would secure his service for our next big event for our family. Vincent, please keep December 18, 2012 open, I will be turning the BIG 50, and I want you to do me the honors by providing DJ services for my special day.

So viewers do yourself a favor……and book this man with the highest integrity.

Vincent we thank you for your role that you played in our renewal.

Be always blessed.
Gwen Strogen-Boozer

"I am so thankful for the Vincent aka DJ-Zone services. This party was more of an older crowd whom I figure would enjoy listening to the music. But I was fooled!! Vincent got every person in the entire room up and on the dance floor. My 82yr old great aunt who told me personally she does not dance. Guess what? she was on the floor right beside me, DANCING!!!. The music selections were just perfect throughout the entire night. Vincent accommodated every request we asked. I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks again for a job well done!"

Frankie Frederick

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